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How to push yourself into Everyday-Training

Marcellas Top 3 Mindset Tips

I am training 6 times a week, 2 hours a day. I wake up at 5:30 mornings, eat my breakfast and go training – every single day of these 6 days a week. There are no fun and fancy workouts. I am returning to basics: squats, presses and a LOT of boring and painfully accessory work. And after training I will have 5 hours of German class. And I still have an excellent consistency rate in my trainings.

Am I purely crazy about Crossfit and simply love to go train every day?

No, that is simply not true. There are, of course, days were I wish I did not have to train at all, like everyone else. So, what are the things I do to push myself into this routine? Here are my 3 podium tips:


Bronze Rule: You just need to get out of the bed

We all know that, sometimes, the highest obstacle to go train is simply laziness. So, just give a little push in yourself to make time in your schedule and your way into the Box, and the rest will take care by itself! We all know that, when the class starts, it will be a lot of painful fun and that the result after will be pure endorphin happiness. So just think about the feeling of meeting your friends, surviving a workout together and the feeling of your body after and just go!


Silver Rule: have a short time goal

Having a short time goal is one of the most efficient ways to push yourself into maintain consistency. The feeling of working towards something, together with the sensation that you are close to achieve it, is a very powerful toll! But watch out: it is very important not to make a goal that will still take a long time to be accomplished. Our brain doesn’t react well into the feeling of failure – it is how it reads the long term goals. So, break a long term goal, into several short time ones, in order to keep yourself motivated!


Golden Rule: have a training partner 

This is pure fact: if you have a training partner, your train routine will be automatically easier. You guys will help each other in the exercises, will push each other in the bad days and will laugh with each other in every train session. This will make your training something that you will be anxious for and something that you will miss in the rest days. As an African old saying says: “If you wanna go fast, go alone. If you wanna go far, go together.” Find your complementary half in training and go far together!


Remember, one of the keys of Crossfit training is CONSISTENCY!


What are your Top 3 Mindest Tips?