Everybody is an Athlete

At the BASIS, everybody is an athlete. It doesn’t matter how old you are, which sport you did or if you never did sports before. Everyday challenges, sports competitions and the achievement of personal goals are your challenges. As an athlete you reach your goals!


Train with natural movements and optimize your body for everyday life and sports.
Learn new skills up to gain more strength, and improve your quality of movement!
Be prepared, no matter what comes!


A SKILL is the ability to perform a particular movement or exercise with a defined target, routine and the optimal technique. To improve a skill, schmall progressions in training and the right technique is necessary.

By learning new SKILLS you mightest overcome your limits!


Physical POWER is the ability to perform muscular energy to objects. The goal of strength training is to increase the physical strength.

Increase your POWER will increase your performance in everyday life and sports!

Train in small groups

  • Mutual support, motivation and fun
  • Active Coaching, led training with individual feedback
  • One coach is responsible for no more than 10 people

Training with natural and functional movements

  • For more efficiency in the everyday life and at sports
  • No boring, monotonous workout with machines
  • maximum fitness and sporty figure

Systematic training concept for every fitness level

  • planned, systematic training units directly lead to your success
  • each unit is suitable for both beginner and advanced levels
  • More fun by diverse training units