Crossfit is a comprehensive strength and condition training based on permanently varying functional exercises which are executed with high intensity.

The goal is to develop it a holistic, overall physical fitness. A fitness level that prepares you for every imaginable everyday challenge and task!

You will learn techniques from weightlifting, gymnastics, and various types of endurance sports. This way, your workout will be effective and diverse. No workout is like the other one. Crossfit is all about variation and the unpredictable, because life and most contests can’t be planned.
Be prepared!

CrossFit essentially consists of 3 components:

  • weightlifting
  • gymnastics
  • Elements from different kinds of endurance sports (rowing, running, rope skipping, etc.


CrossFit sets a high value on specialising not only in one of these disciplines or individual abilities, but to improve continuously in all areas.

The following ten skills represent this: Skills:

  • strength
  • muscular endurance
  • endurance
  • elasticity
  • speed
  • flexibility
  • reactivity
  • balance
  • coordination
  • accuracy

Funktionelle Bewegungen – Functional Movements

Bewegungen sind dann funktionell, wenn sie natürlich sind, also im täglichen Leben oder im Sport vorkommen.
Ein Beispiel für eine funktionelle Bewegung ist wenn man in einer rückenschonenden Haltung einen Gegenstand vom Boden aufhebt.

High Intensity

Only the correct intensity will bring about optimal results in terms of growing strength, muscle building and body contouring. An example: If you end a movement too early, or choose the wrong weights during your training, you won’t be able to give your body the desired training stimulus and thus make a significantly smaller progress. Result: It’s essential to leave your comfort-zone when you work out!  Another positive effect of a short and intensive workout is the afterburn of body fats and a great feeling of happiness.

constantly varied

In Crossfit, we vary the training load constantly to build up a broad and holistic fitness. Crossfit is about preparing physically for all eventualities that come up in the real world.

Is CrossFit suitable for you?

Yes CrossFit is suitable for everybody! Training can be tailored to your very performance level and will remain demanding nevertheless.

Your personal needs, or those of, let’s say, your grandparents, or any random olympia participant only differ in their intensity, however not in their type.

Let’s take squats as an example:
Squats, or knee bends, are one of the most essential movements in life. Our grandparents will surely enjoy being able to get up in the morning on their own – that’s a knee bend out of bed. Then again, it’s pure logic they can’t lift the same weights as a professional athlete.

It’s for this simple reasons that the weights used during the workout will be adapted individually whereas the exercise will be conducted the exact same way.

Examples for functional movements like knee bending or weight lifting are widely spread throughout our everyday lives but they are rarely practiced enough. And that’s exactly what we focus on in Crossfit: natural and functional movements.