At FitKa, you will train natural and functional movement and by doing so, reshape your body. Be it in your everyday life or when you’re doing sports – the correct execution of a movement determines if and how you will achieve you goal.

Every day, we execute numerous movements dozens of times – but in what quality?

You can lift a heavy object from the ground with either a round back or with the correct posture that won’t harm your back. When you kick or throw a ball, it’s the execution of your movement that decides whether you score, or not. It doesn’t matter whether we need those movements in our everyday life, or at sports. Only when executed in perfection we will achieve our goals!

By offering high quality supervision and optimal coaching, you can workout with functional movements and improve in everyday life and at sports.


  • Motivating training in groups for each performance level
  • Training with natural and functional movement
  • The genuine FitKa-system ensures the right exercise for everybody
  • Diverse and perfectly harmonised training units
  • Holistic training: Mobility, strength, and endurance in each training unit

The difference between FitKa and Crossfit is the course design.